Pups! What to do!

The 2018/19 pupping season has started!

The first grey seal pup of the 2018/19 season was reported on Samson around 20/08/18. At the time of writing, this sighting was not confrmed as photos are essential to distinguish between pale juveniles during their first annual moult and maternally dependent pups under three weeks old whose longer fur is bright white.

Cornwall’s first pup was reported a week later, but this sadly washed up very freshly dead in St Ives Bay at just a few days old. Cornwall Marine Strandings Network called out Dave Jarvis from British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) who waited patiently for the rough seas (most likely the cause of the pup’s separation from its mother) to wash the body inshore.

Too good an opportunity to miss, Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT) volunteers removed the pup’s body in the hope that one day they will have sufficient funds to get its skeleton reconstructed (to compare its size and structure to that of their already articulated adult male Septimus).

WHAT TO DO do if you come across a SEAL PUP?


DON’T approach or touch and NEVER put a pup back into the sea

LOOK for injuries

BACK OFF out of sight of the pup and its mum in the sea

WATCH for mum offshore

If you are concerned, ring BDMLR 01825 765546 (put this number in your PHONE)

BDMLR will send a trained Marine Mammal Medic to ASSESS the pup’s situation and condition before deciding on the best course of action.

IoS seal pup pin badge

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