Spectacular STAPIP

This week our volunteer CSGRT boat survey team completed our springtime STAPIP (St Agnes to Trevose) boat based survey.

We have been running these surveys since October 2011, so this was our 28th time surveying this coastal transect!

1 Awesome volunteer team2 Trunk

Awesome surveyors                                                                                      Stunning adult female ‘Trunk’

We collect important data on all marine life and human activity to monitor long term changes and trends along our precious coastline.

6 Razorbills5 Guillemot ledge

Razorbills                                                                                                         Guillemot ledge

STAPIP never fails to deliver, giving us spectacular sights of natural wild grey seal behaviour and beautiful breeding birds (particularly guillemots and razorbills).

But it is not all good news! The kittiwakes have yet to return to the Newquay nesting ledges this year and we are concerned for their future across Cornwall.

4 Ghost gear Shag nest7 Trawlshare full of plankton

Shags nest full of lost fishing gear                                                     Our 5 Gyres Trawlshare survey for a global project quantifying microplastics

2 Seals hauled at Pentire2 TRE15 Happy dino

Haul out of four females and three very well camouflaged males                 This gorgeous adult female was identified by Ranger Emily

2 S363 Bonfire2 PJF207 Butterfly

Sue managed to ID Bonfire                                                                             …whilst Ranger Katie ID’d Butterfly

In total we identified an incredible 8 out of 18 seals! We were chuffed to bits at this wonderful achievement!

7 Wild seas8 What kind of bee

Our seas are always awesome and spectacular and never cease to surprise us! This beautiful bee boarded our boat way offshore, so Daisy fed it sugar water. We hope someone know what species it is…do you?

CSGRT boat surveys have been funded by the wonderful Patagonia for the last three years, but a change in their funding criteria has focused on terrestrial priorities so we are no longer eligible to receive their funding :(

If you know of anyone or company who might be able to help contribute towards our £6600 annual boat survey charter costs, please email [email protected]

This is HUGELY IMPORTANT WORK for Cornwall and we want it to continue.

Huge thanks to Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing/Atlantic Diver to giving us access to their boat at a hugely subsidised rate and all our marine life experts and volunteer spotters who gave up their day and paid to join us.