BNDs in the bay

What a great start to surveying in 2017!

There was absolutely NO swell, which might actually be a first for us!

Quite a way offshore we spotted some bottlenose dolphins. Not any bottlenose dolphins, but the inshore pod that move around the Cornish coast.

How do we know? We photo ID’d their fins of course and matched them to our Cornish bottlenose dolphin catalogue.

Yep! We do bottlenose dolphin ID too, although we are about to hand over the responsibility for this work to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

We thought you’d like to see a video¬†of the dolphins and find out who we saw! Please change settings quality to 480+ (bottom right of the window).

CSGRT have also made a short film summarising what we have learned from our bottlenose photo ID work so far!

You can also read stories about Topless and Clet the bottlenose dolphins by clicking here.

If you take photos of bottlenose dolphins around the southwest, email them to [email protected] and we’ll send them on to Cornwall Wildlife Trust.