Conservation action

The legend that is Bob Earll has finally committed his huge body of Marine Conservation knowledge to print. His marine experience spans 40 years, so he has witnessed marine research and conservation grow from a handful of people (when he  worked with the Marine Conservation Society in 1978) to a mainstream discipline involving governments, charities, institutes and other organisations engaging literally hundreds of thousands of volunteers in the UK alone.

Book imagesIn his book, Bob describes an invaluable ‘marine conservation’ big picture for us based on his working lifetime. He defines marine conservation and explores common themes emerging from his interviews of 19 influential people making a difference in the marine conservation world, achieving tangible protection for the marine environment.

We are proud and delighted that Sue Sayer – founder and director of CSGRT – features as one of the interviewee chapters in Bob’s book. Sue name checks just a few of the people who played particularly influential roles in the development of CSGRT – Stephen Westcott, James Barnett, Abby Crosby, Dr Matthew Witt, Professor Brendan Godley, Paul St Pierre, Bex Allen, Dan Jarvis, Dave Jarvis, Tamara Cooper and Kate Hockley alongside her ever supportive partner Chris Howell.

Sylvia Earle described the book’s contents as ‘what is being done to save the ocean, it leaders who have risen to meet the challenges of ocean decline and who are inspiring others to do more and become better stewards of the blue heart of our planet’.

It takes a lifetime to build up this breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding, so we are hugely grateful that Bob has shared this with us, to inform and encourage those that follow to do the same!

Get 30% off your copy (offer ends 31/10/18) by clicking this link here quoting code MCPRE30. Thanks to Pelagic Publishing for seeing the huge value in this book and bringing it to print.