Inspiring young people

Following Sue’s recent visit to Nexus at Camborne Science and International Academy, CSGRT received an email containing a fantastic poem written by one of their Year 8 students, Evie.

We think it is very inspiring and thought provoking!

Please do read right to the bottom!

The only way is up

Our marine life is a failure

And nobody will ever say that

We can make a difference

Wrong. The truth is

Our generation has messed it up and destroyed everything

Thinking that

We actually succeeded

Is stupid

We can’t change what mistakes our ancestors have created


Only about money and power

It is not

Worth saving our oceans


Drilled into our minds

Animals are dying from pollution and it has been

Not worth the commotion

And don’t ever think that it is

Peaceful in this world

It is

Filled with anger and hatred

Don’t be

Imagining seals with rope around their throats

I certainly will be

Driving a car

In the future I won’t be

Reducing, reusing and recycling

The only way to be happy is by

Using plastic

This world is an evil place

You will never in a million years hear me say

Our marine life is NOT a failure

So it all sound rather downbeat…until you follow Evie’s instructions.

Evie says…”Now read from bottom to top”

It is the same story just with different perspectives. What will your outlook be?


Well done Evie we are proud of what you have written – there is always more than one side to every story!

Thank you Evie for sharing your creative thoughts with us all and thank you to your teachers Jade and Jo for giving us an opportunity to meet you all.