A future for us all

At the Seal Research Trust (SRT), we work hard to ensure that our next generations have a future.
The Planet doesn’t need a Plan B…We do!
The planet is a lump of rock that will survive until something collides with it and then it will likely only shatter into smaller pieces. Humans on the other hand definitely need a plan B, C and so on! Without healthy, thriving biodiversity we have no water, food or air! We have a few short years to make some staggering changes to the way we ALL live our lives to minimise the already devastating impacts of Climate Change.

So, what are we at SRT doing about the Plan B for People?
We have recently developed a fledgling programme for schools and young people based groups and organisations. Our ‘Wonders of the Seal World’ package involves talking about our wonderful real seal stories to help create emotional connections to the sea. Then we share seals’ amazing superpowers and the impacts we are having on them through our daily lives at school, home, rest and play. We finish with the actions we can all take to solve the issues we face now to prevent them escalating into the future.

A photo showing Primary School seal session

Volunteer Emma at Nansledan School with Gracie (ghost gear seal)

Photos showing children handing a life size ghost gear seal

Nansledan School pupils meet Gracie (life sized juvenile grey seal)

We have a range of resources with inclusive extension activities to suit a range of age groups (including families) for schools to use alongside our beautiful 16 page activity booklets. All the input has been cross referenced to the UK National Curriculum Primary School Programmes of Study, but we adapt sessions to work equally well with Secondary Schools. Sessions can be as short as 20 minutes for an assembly. Class sessions can be anything from 30 minutes to an hour with lots of ideas for class teachers or families to follow up afterwards.

We have had amazing feedback from the sessions we have already run including:
Secondary School pupil feedback: Very friendly and eager to teach us. We now know how to help a seal. It was interesting, fun and I learned a lot. I loved learning about eco-friendly products and how you can identify seals. The speakers had great energy and made the talk thoroughly enjoyable. It was good to hear about little changes we can make to save the sea and seals. I loved it all!
Secondary School staff feedback: Brilliant session. The most engaged I have seen the students. Nice videos that flow well. Resources are fantastic!
Primary School staff feedback from online sessions: Thank you for a thoroughly informative talk and for giving up your time. The children said they really enjoyed it and learned lots from it. Several children mentioned they owned the flying rings you detailed and vowed to not use them on the beach. The talk was very engaging, Sue was amazing and my class loved the activity packs that were kindly sent to us. Very informative, excellent knowledge from Sue and excellently pitched for the children’s ages.

Photo showing SRT banners and volunteer talking to pupils

Vice Chair Kate at Penpol School Careers Fayre

Photo showing class and pupils at home joining our zoom session

Sue & Ranger Tash’s Zoom talk being enjoyed by Sennen School

SRT Rangers and Volunteers can deliver sessions face to face or online. Honestly, it is more cost effective and environmentally sound to deliver these sessions online and realistically, we have limited capacity to deliver face to face events and logistically we can only cover Cornwall. But ONLINE the sky is the limit! We can deliver sessions to multiple classes at the same time to groups anywhere in the world! We recently delivered a very successful session to two year 5 classes at Lawn School in Swindon.

Photo showing large groups of secondary pups listening to a talk.

SRT Ranger Marion at Nexus with Septimus

Photo of Secondary classroom with SRT resources

SRT Ranger At Helston Secondary School

We need your help to spread the word!
So, can you help us by suggesting our ‘Wonders of the Seal World’ package to any local school or community groups?
Please tell everyone and if you get any interest, please share the link to this webpage. School or group staff can contact us directly to request a session by emailing [email protected]

Click here to discover other ways that you can help seals and marine conservation with us at the Seal Research Trust https://www.cornwallsealgroup.co.uk/your-help/

Thank you to all our amazing Volunteers and Rangers, as well as the class teachers who have made these sessions so successful. Thanks to to partner organisations – the Schools, Community Groups and Cornwall Marine Network who have made these free sessions possible.