We are an evidence based conservation charity. Our motto is ‘passionately protecting Cornwall’s precious marine life’. We do this through engaging people to conduct long term, southwest wide research. Our findings can be used in public consultations to give seals a voice in a world where money talks!


Please donate towards our future ‘marine life and human activity’ boat surveys now!

  • £3 will pay for printing, consumable and emergency supplies for a survey
  • £3 a month will help us replace our kit – a life jacket, all weather recorder, batteries, memory cards
  • £60 pays for report to be written summarising all our findings from one survey to ensure all data is captured
  • £400 buys a replacement camera or marine GPS for our survey volunteers
  • £550 charters a boat for one of our surveys


Please email [email protected] now for our bank details for quick online transfers or the address to send a cheque.


Why we need your money…

Our overheads are minimal and mostly covered by our founding members. Our main cost is the charter of boats provided at heavily subsidised rates by our partners . We need your help with paying for these.

Currently we have funding from Patagonia  and Tescos to cover our boat fees until the end of the year. Meanwhile our volunteers pay to participate on our surveys on a sliding scale from £25 for a six hour trip (£20 for local marine group members who return to help us time and time again) down to £10 for our survey coordinators and bird expert who participate in every trip.

This means we will have a small amount of money saved to cover future shortfalls in boat costs after October should we be unable to get any further funding in these uncertain times.

If you agree our marine life is precious and needs to be protected, please send us a donation, knowing that your money will be wisely and carefully spent in order to generate the necessary evidence to make a real difference to their chances of survival.

Please email [email protected] for payment options that can be gift aided. THANK YOU!